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Land, carbon and a just transition – Putting rights and responsibilities into practice

Natural Capital and Land logo on mixed use landscape with tree in Sutherland

Do you want to find out more about the move to net zero and the opportunities and risks for Scotland's land? Join our 'Natural Capital & Land' series of online events looking at the growing investment in carbon and natural capital and what it means for Scotland's land and communities.

Land, carbon and a just transition – Putting rights and responsibilities into practice

Wednesday 17 August, 4-5pm

The fourth and final session in our 'Natural Capital and Land' series will look at our latest Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocol, which specifically addresses responsible practice in relation to natural capital and carbon sequestration, ensuring that land ownership, use and management decisions are balanced, seek to achieve wider social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits, and will not have detrimental impact.

Chaired by Scottish Land Commissioner Sally Reynolds, the panel will include:

  • Emma Cooper, Head of Land Rights and Responsibilities at the Scottish Land Commission, who will be giving an overview of the protocol and its aims
  • Willie McGhee, Acting Director, Community Woodland Association, who will be looking at how community woodland owners can deliver on the protocol for people and nature
  • Yvonne Edwards, Forest, Peat & Rural Land Manager, University of Edinburgh, who will be sharing their approach to natural capital management in partnership with communities & others.
  • Ben Inglis-Grant, Peatland ACTION Project Officer, Peatland ACTION Fund, Carloway Estate Trust, who will be discussing the opportunities and support available for responsible practice through the Peatland ACTION Fund.

More details coming soon!

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