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Putting into Practice Land Rights and Responsibilities: Good Stewardship of Land

Come and join us to learn more about our new Land Rights and Responsibilities protocols.

The way land is owned and used affects the quality of life for everyone in Scotland. People and organisations that make decisions relating to land, in urban and rural Scotland, should recognise and act in line with their responsibilities, as well as their rights.

The series of protocols set out how landowners, land managers land communities can work together to make better – and fairer – decisions about land use.

This webinar will look at the Good Stewardship of Land Protocol which sets out how landowners can take account of their responsibilities to meet high standards of land ownership, management and use of both urban and rural land. 

This webinar promotes good stewardship and high standards of land management across Scotland. Decisions made about land can contribute to better and more productive economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes. Decisions made with a focus on good stewardship are made with consideration for the needs of local communities and the delivery of public good in support of wider national outcomes.

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