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Land @ Lunch: What is Common Good land and how is it managed?

Come along to learn, be inspired and find out how you can get involved and make positive change happen at our lunchtime bite-sized events. Land is at the heart of Scotland’s identity, economy and communities and is vital in tackling the climate and nature crises. The Scottish Land Commission is working to create a Scotland where everybody benefits from the ownership, management and use of the nation’s land. Join us for ‘Land @ Lunch’ – our brand-new series of friendly, conversational briefings open to all – where we’ll introduce topical issues at the heart of our work right now as we seek to build a strong and dynamic relationship between Scotland’s land and its people. These informal 45-minute lunchtime sessions aim to stimulate practical change in how land is owned, used and managed.

Common Good land and buildings are often of significant local importance and heritage – town halls, tolbooths, and former burgh chambers, as well as parks, gardens, links, and woodland – and valued by residents. The annual income generated by Common Good funds is often distributed to local causes. This means Common Good land and buildings can play an important role for communities across Scotland, in former Royal Burghs.

In this session we will explore how to find out more about Common Good land and buildings in your area. Learn about what responsibilities local authorities have in relation to their registration, use and disposal, and about the Commission's Protocol on Common Good Land.

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Join us for Land @ Lunch. Good Practice Programme Winter-Spring Training Series. Scottish Land Commission logo. What is Common Good land and how is it managed? When: Wednesday 1 February online at 12 pm. Book at: