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The Land Commissioners and the Tenant Farming Commissioner comprise the Board of the Scottish Land Commission and are appointed by Ministers.

Commissioners must adhere to Scottish Land Commission’s Standing Orders relating to the conduct of meetings.

Board business meetings are held quarterly and the agenda will be available prior to the meeting. 

Board meetings are held in public. If you would like to attend, please contact us.

Scottish Land Commission Board Standing Orders

Commissioners' Meetings 2024

Commissioners' Meetings 2023

Commissioners' Meetings 2022

Commissioners' Meetings 2021

Commissioners' Meetings 2020

Commissioners’ Meetings 2019

Commissioners’ Meetings 2018

Commissioners’ Meetings 2017

Commissioners’ Meetings 2016

Audit and Risk Committee

The Scottish Land Commission has an Audit and Risk Committee to ensure effective risk management, internal control and governance arrangements are in place and that public funds are being used efficiently. The Audit and Risk Committee is made up of two Commissioners and one independent external member.

Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Staffing and Remuneration Committee

The Scottish Land Commission has a Staffing and Remuneration Committee to oversee and monitor the remuneration systems put in place for the Commission, in particular the pay and grading system. The Committee is made up of the Board of Commissioners.

Staffing & Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference