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Housing and Development

We are working to reduce the land constraints to place-making and restrictions to the supply of land for housing. 

Land reform can play an important role in addressing the challenges and helping to deliver well-planned sustainable communities in places people want to live at prices they can afford. We have looked at how high-quality places can be created through bringing Scotland’s vacant and derelict land back into productive use, engaging communities in planning, and improving the ways in which we bring land forward for housing.

A more collaborative approach to place-making is needed in which the public and private sectors share risks and reward to deliver the places Scotland needs.

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Scottish Land Commission - Land for Housing and Development: Public Interest Led Development

Explore our work on public interest led development and how it worked in practice to create the Western Link Road in the Ness-side and Torvean areas of Inverness in the Highlands. 

Watch as Scott Dalgarno, Development Plans Manager with Highland Council, and Shona Glenn, formerly with the Commission, explore how the planning for a new link road opened up access to sporting facilities, the natural world, and development of 1,200 new houses on the west side of Inverness.


Town Centre Living: Benefits, Challenges and Potential Solutions

Explore more about 'Town Centre Living: Benefits, Challenges and Potential Solutions' with our Policy and Practice Lead, David Stewart.

David delivered the presentation above as part of the Architecture & Design Scotland Place Forum, 'Towards Zero Carbon Places,' on 7 June 2023.

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Reforming the housing land market to create places people want to live at prices they can afford.

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