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Land is at the heart of Scotland’s identity, economy and communities. The Scottish Land Commission’s role is to stimulate fresh thinking and change so that the way we own and use land in Scotland helps people to realise opportunities and ambitions. 

Diversified land ownership and increased participation in land use decision making can reduce inequality, improve quality of life and support and benefit everyone in society. 

Our vision is a fair, inclusive and productive system of ownership, management and use of land that delivers greater benefit for all the people of Scotland. 

Our work is guided by three strategic objectives:

  • Productivity – to drive increased economic, social and cultural value from our land
  • Diversity – to encourage a more diverse pattern of land ownership with the benefits of land spread more inclusively
  • Accountability – to ensure decision-making takes account of those affected and responsibilities are met. 

Our work is focussed on four priority areas:

  • Land for housing and development
  • Modernising land ownership
  • Land use decision-making
  • Agricultural Holdings  

We deliver our work through engagement and communications, research and evidence, guidance and codes, good practice and making recommendations for change in legislation, policy and practice.