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National Student Award 2021 opens for entries

The Scottish Land Commission’s National Student Award 2021 has opened for entries.

New legislation to relinquish and assign farming tenancies

New legislation for secure farming tenants comes into force at the end of February. It applies to tenants who want to relinquish a tenancy or assign it to a new entrant or progressing farmer.

Scottish Land Commission invites Borders residents to online public meeting

The Scottish Land Commission is continuing its calendar of online public meetings and the next will cover the Scottish Borders.

Amnesty – Procedural Update from the Tenant Farming Commissioner

The Tenant Farming Commissioner provides further advice to tenant farmers completing the amnesty on improvements.

Legislative proposals to address impact of Scotland’s concentration of land ownership

A discussion paper published today proposes three new legislative measures to modernise land ownership in Scotland.

Easier access to mediation for farming disputes thanks to new scheme

A new scheme to promote mediation as an alternative to litigation, to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants in the agricultural sector, is launched today.

TFC Issues Guidance on Dealing with Ongoing Amnesty Discussions

The Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC) has published guidance today on dealing with any amnesties on tenant’s improvements that are continuing after the deadline of 13 December 2020.

Advice from the TFC on Completing Amnesty Agreements

For those amnesty agreements that were not finalised by 12 December 2020 and for which formal amnesty notices were issued on behalf of tenants, finalising agreements despite Covid restrictions should still be possible with a bit of imagination on both sides.