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National Student Award

A new national student award is set to encourage involvement in land reform and help with the work of the Scottish Land Commission.

We are shaping the debate around urban and rural land reform, to improve the productivity, diversity and accountability of the way Scotland’s land is owned, used, and managed.

Research underpins our work so that decisions and recommendations are thoroughly evidence based, and we use a wide academic network to provide research on key land reform issues. Our new student award is open to any student studying at a Scottish academic institution who undertakes a land reform related piece of research.

The successful student will contribute research to help take forward our work, covering everything from land value tax to new models of community ownership. Research areas of particular interest this year are:

  • The potential to deliver affordable housing in rural communities
  • Motivating behaviour change in relation to land
  • How land reform can help combat climate change
  • Models of cooperative land ownership
  • The role of local governance in furthering land reform
  • How land reform can realise human rights.

To apply for the award, a single grant of £1,000, students are asked to outline their project and show how it connects to a Scottish Land Commission workstream as well as detailing how it will benefit the applicant’s student experience.

Download, complete and return the application form by 24 January 2020.

If you have any questions about the award, please contact James MacKessack-Leitch, Policy Officer.

National Student Award