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Agreement reached over Borders tenant farmer

The Scottish Tenant Farming Commissioner announced today that a solution had been found to enable a tenant farmer to remain on a farm he rented from Buccleuch Estates.

David and Alison Telfer occupy Cleuchfoot Farm on Buccleuch’s Borders Estate on a short-limited duration tenancy.

The estate had granted a new tenancy until November 2019 – 21 months beyond the end date of the previous lease – and had put the farm and adjoining hill ground up for sale. The couple wished to remain on the farm until retirement and said they had received a verbal assurance from the previous Duke of Buccleuch.

Buccleuch approached the Tenant Farming Commissioner and the acquirer of the land, James Jones & Sons Ltd, in an effort to find a solution.

Bob McIntosh, Tenant Farming Commissioner, said: “Landlords are entitled to resume land at the end of a fixed term tenancy but there was an extraordinary set of circumstances in this case where there was a dispute over what had been discussed in years gone by in terms of the length of occupancy. We are pleased that, through collaborative discussion, a satisfactory outcome has been achieved for the tenant, the new landlord and all other parties.”

Mr David Telfer said: “We appreciate the efforts of all those involved who have worked to find a resolution to this issue and we are pleased to be able to continue to live and work on at least part of Cleuchfoot until our retirement.”

Benny Higgins, executive chairman of Buccleuch, commented: “We were pleased that our proposal found agreement with all the parties involved and thank the Tenant Farming Commissioner for his constructive liaison with the tenant.”