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Buccleuch Estates – Langholm Moor

Andrew Thin, Chair of the Scottish Land Commission welcomes the announcement by Buccleuch Estates that they are to embark on a period of community engagement to help shape the proposed sale of Langholm Moor.

“Buccleuch Estates has committed to reduce its overall footprint and it is good to see the Estate undertaking community engagement to help inform the next phase of proposed land sales.  The Estate will be using the Land Commission’s first Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocol ‘Community Engagement in Decisions Relating to Land’ which sets out practical advice on how landowners, land managers and communities can work together to make better – and fairer – decisions about land use.

“Scotland’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement sets out a clear ambition about the relationship between land and people in Scotland promoting greater diversity in ownership of land including more community ownership, high standards and transparency of land ownership and use and better community engagement in decisions about land.  We welcome the announcement by Buccleuch as a step in achieving this ambition and we encourage other large scale land owners to consider a similar approach.”