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Chair of Land Commission urges caution in selling carbon rights

In a statement released today the chair of Scotland’s land reform body, the Scottish Land Commission, has urged landowners and land managers to act with caution when considering selling carbon rights.

Chair of the Scottish Land Commission, Andrew Thin, commented:

“We have had a number of concerns raised recently from people across different land use sectors and by stakeholders of the Tenant Farming Advisory Forum about the pressures farmers and crofters are facing to sign over carbon rights.

“This is a fledgling market and there is a risk decisions are being made without full awareness of the implications for individual land managers. I would encourage landowners and land managers to exercise caution when considering transferring carbon rights or options until there is greater clarity over issues such as ownership of the rights and the need to retain them in offsetting their own business emissions in the future.

“The Scottish Land Commission is carrying out work to understand the developing influence of natural capital in the land market and to help inform advice to the Scottish Government on the risks, opportunities and appropriate steps to ensure the market works in the public interest.”



Field and forested hillside near Dores, Highlands