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Discussion paper looks at land market intervention to increase housing supply in Scotland

The first in an independent series of discussion papers commissioned by the Scottish Land Commission, Land Lines, questions the level of intervention needed in Scotland’s land market.

‘The housing land market in Scotland: A discussion paper’  written by Laurie Macfarlane, Economics Editor at openDemocracy, addresses the “failure of housing supply in Scotland to keep up with demand” through public sector intervention to improve the operation of the land market and increase the supply of land for new housing.

The paper forms part of Land Lines, a series of discussion papers on key land reform issues. The Scottish Land Commission will be publishing the series of papers to stimulate public debate and contribute to discussions as Chair, Andrew Thin, explains:

“This is the first in an exciting series of discussion papers. The opinions expressed in the paper are independent of the Commissions and Laurie has posed a number of important questions to encourage the debate to continue.   We would welcome views on the paper and you can get in touch by either contacting the Commission directly, through our blog or at one of our events.  We are also continuing the discussion with key organisations and individuals in the sector.

“Land for housing and development is a key priority area of work for the Land Commission and this paper has helped by not only contributing to the debate but also by helping to identify important knowledge gaps.

“As part of this priority area of work the Commission will be looking how the development of land can make the most of it for the people living there and for Scotland. This includes ways to ensure cost-effective land supply for housing, how the increase in the value of land associated with development can be captured and reinvested and the different approaches for addressing the problem of vacant and derelict land.   All of which is working towards making more of Scotland’s land.”