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Extension to Tenant’s Amnesty

Following today’s passing of regulations by the Scottish Parliament to extend the amnesty on tenant’s improvements for a further six months to 12 December 2020, the Tenant Farming Commissioner is urging landlords, tenants and their agents not to use this as a reason for delaying completion of discussions that are at an advanced stage of agreement.

The Tenant Farming Commissioner, Bob McIntosh, said:

“Whilst making use of the extension may be necessary in some cases to allow site inspections to take place once social distancing measures have eased, it is possible to make progress now by means of an exchange of electronic photographs and plans.

“All parties are urged to use such means to keep the process moving so that the current queue of agreements waiting to be finalised by June, is not simply moved to December. It is clear too that a number of discussions are all but finalised but that there is a delay in formalising agreement.

“I urge all parties to complete amnesty discussions as soon as reasonably possible and to adopt a pragmatic approach to reaching agreement on what constitutes an eligible improvement.”

For more information about the tenant farming amnesty, visit or get in touch on 01463 423 300 or email