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Land lunchtime learning returns for second series

The second instalment of a popular free online webinar series has returned to coach people across Scotland on how to make the most of opportunities  with the land and buildings around them.

The Scottish Land Commission’s ‘Land @ Lunch’ webinars share insights and learnings on land rights and responsibilities during free lunchtime webinars.

After the first instalment was a major success, the 45-minute, informal lunchtime  sessions will explore topics such as what Common Good land is and how it is managed. Other topics including rural housing and vacant and derelict land will also be covered.

The series will run fortnightly on Wednesdays from 18 January to 29 March and will share knowledge with attendees on how they can get involved in local land use decision-making to make a positive change.

Emma Cooper, Head of Land Rights and Responsibilities at the Scottish Land Commission, said: “The positive feedback from the first series of sessions highlighted how eager people across Scotland are to learn about and engage in discussions about the land around them and the role they can play in it. 

“It’s crucial that we provide individuals with the tools and knowledge around land rights and responsibilities to ensure they know how to make a positive difference.

“As we look to do that, our ‘Land @ Lunch’ series aims to share ideas, allow people to join in on discussions, stimulate action and signpost people to useful tools and support a range of land reform topics.”

The Scottish Land Commission’s webinars aim to offer people the knowledge and tools to understand how Scottish land is used and manged and allow participants to engage in conversation relating to topical issues at the heart of Scotland’s land. The webinars are free, open to everyone, and informal, so participants are invited to take part whether they are at home or at work.

The Scottish Land Commission’s Land Right and Responsibilities Protocols set out practical advice on how land owners, land managers, and communities can work together to make better and fairer decisions about land use. They were created to provide practical tools to implement the Scottish Government’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

The Scottish Land Commission provides advice and recommendations for law and policy as well as leadership for change in culture and practice, working to create a Scotland where everybody can benefit from the ownership and use of the nation’s land and buildings.

To find out more information about the Land @ Lunch webinar series and to book your place, visit:


Beinn Eighe in winter. Credit - Shutterstock.