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Opportunity for feedback to help Scotland improve land reform journey

Land Commission launches research in a bid to continuously improve engagement

People are being encouraged to participate in a nationwide survey to help inform a major public body on how engagement in decisions about land in Scotland can be improved.

The Scottish Land Commission’s easy-to-use online surveys have officially launched giving people in Scotland an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to land reform.

The Commission is conducting two surveys – one for landowners and one for communities – to find out more about how private and public sector landowners engage with their local communities.

The land reform body is hoping to collect information on the progress that has been made so far while the results will go on to help shape future guidance and regulation changes to encourage more effective engagement with communities when it comes to land.

Hamish Trench, Chief Executive at the Scottish Land Commission, said: “Land is our most valuable asset. It is important to a variety of Scotland’s ambitions such as net zero, nature restoration and community empowerment.

“By listening to the views of landowners and communities, it will paint a better picture of how community engagement has progressed and how it can continue to improve in the coming years.

“Land can and should work to everyone’s benefit and by engaging closely with those across the country, regulations and recommendations can be shaped to ensure everybody is included in that benefit.”

The survey was first run in 2019 to establish a baseline of knowledge for the Scottish Land Commission; the latest survey has launched to look at how the situation has changed.

The survey is now open and will run until the 30 November. The research will then be analysed by the Scottish Land Commission and results may be shared with the Scottish Government and other relevant organisations to inform future work programmes and priorities.

It is the latest initiative from the Scottish Land Commission which recently launched its ‘Land @ Lunch’ bitesize webinars to inform those across the country with practical information about land use and ownership.

The Scottish Land Commission works with landowners, land managers and communities to help them to create a Scotland where everybody benefits from the ownership, management and use of the nation’s land.

The survey for landowners and managers can be found here

The survey for community organisations and individuals can be found here.


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