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Public Interest Led Development

Does Scotland need to be braver and bolder, accepting more risk and uncertainty to provide more affordable housing, generate new employment and create better quality places for people?

The answers to that question will be debated by delegates at a free, day-long seminar, hosted by the Scottish Land Commission.

'Public Interest Led Development – a proactive approach to delivery' will bring together developers, local authorities, architects, surveyors, investors and members of the public.

The seminar will consider:

  • If the state needs to act as the ‘prime mover’, to make development happen, where it would otherwise not do so
  • Whether public interest-led development (PILD) can deliver specific public-policy objectives
  • What the advantages of PILD are, in place of relying solely on the market
  • Which mechanisms are required for the public sector to assemble land, capture any value uplift
  • What skills and expertise will the public sector need, if it is to take a leadership role

Bringing together public and private sector to look at public interest led development; the seminar will feature case studies to illustrate what can be achieved through it.

This seminar has been organised to encourage discussion around the Land Lines discussion paper, The Delivery of Public Interest Led Development in Scotland, written by Steven Tolson and Archie Rintoul and published last month by the Scottish Land Commission.

The seminar will be chaired by Jonathan Guthrie – Director for Strategic Public Partnerships, Robertson Group. Speakers include Steven Tolson, FRICS; Richard Millar – Director of Infrastructure, Scottish Canals; Tom Flannagan – Interim Head of Economic Development, Perth & Kinross Council & Mark Richardson, Ristol Consulting Ltd; Mike Galloway – Director of City Development, Dundee City Council; John Hamilton – CEO, Winchburgh Developments Ltd; Professor David Adams, Scottish Land Commissioner; Irene Beautyman, Improvement Service, Nicola Barclay/Tammy Swift-Adams Homes for Scotland.

To register for a place visit Eventbrite here.