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Recruitment opens for three new board members at the Scottish Land Commission

THE Scottish Government has today announced that recruitment has opened to appoint two new Land Commissioners and a new Tenant Farming Commissioner to join the board of the Scottish Land Commission to help drive forward fresh thinking about how land is owned and used in Scotland.  

The Scottish Land Commission plays a pivotal role in reforms to the ownership and use of Scotland’s land, providing advice and recommendations to Government on legislation and policy to support inclusive economic growth, climate and nature action, and social well-being.

The Scottish Land Commission is seeking individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are passionate about making a meaningful impact on land reform and who can bring fresh perspectives to the Commission's work.

Applicants should demonstrate a robust track record of leadership and strategic thinking, with experience in areas such as land management, rural development, urban planning, community engagement, and legal or policy frameworks relating to land use. The successful candidates will be expected to provide oversight and guidance on the Commission's activities and engage with stakeholders at all levels to support the Scottish Ministers’ wider strategic policies.

The new Commissioners will replace outgoing Land Commissioners, Sally Reynolds, Lorne MacLeod, and the Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC), Bob McIntosh all of whom have been members of the board since 2017.

The Tenant Farming Commissioner has specific functions to support good relations between agricultural landlords and tenants, and must be able to support a mediatory approach to supporting a healthy tenanted sector.

Reflecting on his time as a Land Commissioner, Lorne MacLeod shared, “The role of Commissioner has been fascinating and has allowed me to be involved in ground -breaking land reform policy work.

“Being able to directly contribute to the formation of a new public body that shall continue to support change and good practice in the way land in Scotland is owned and manged for the benefit of all has been very rewarding.”

Those appointed will shape advice to government and help drive change on the ground and encourage innovative approaches to how land is owned, managed, and used in Scotland and will be supported by a staff team headed by Chief executive, Hamish Trench.

Discussing the upcoming changes to the board, Chair of the Board Michael Russell said, “The role of a Commissioner is both challenging and rewarding requiring a blend of strategic thinking and a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding land issues in Scotland.

“This is an opportunity to join the Commission at a pivotal time in Scotland’s land reform journey and to play a key role in influencing legislative change, in particular the recent Land Reform Bill.

“Working alongside our core staff team, the Commissioners will be instrumental in shaping our approach to both the land reform bill as well as wider reforms.”

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon, commented, "This is a particularly important time for land reform in Scotland, with the Scottish Government having introduced an ambitious Land Reform Bill, based on recommendations made by the Scottish Land Commission.

“We strongly encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds and currently under-reflected groups to apply."

Appointments will be made by Scottish Ministers and are anticipated to commence later this year. These positions offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of Scotland’s land, ensuring it is used and managed for the benefit of all.

Interested candidates are invited to attend an online information session hosted by the Chair of the Scottish Land Commission, Michael Russell, and outgoing Land Commissioner, Lorne MacLeod, on the 18th of July. Registration for this information session is available at Zoom:

Candidates who would like to learn more about the TFC role are encouraged to contact Bob McIntosh directly:

To find out more about the role of the Land Commissioners, please visit: and to find out about the Tenant Farming Commissioner role, visit: