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Scottish Land Commission statement on Buccleuch Estates – Langholm Moor

Andrew Thin, Chair of the Scottish Land Commission has welcomed the news from Buccleuch Estates that following community engagement on the proposed sale of Langholm Moor, they are holding discussions with community bodies which have expressed an interest in acquiring land.

“Buccleuch Estates has committed to reduce its overall footprint and it is good to see the Estate putting local communities at the heart of this process.  By using the Scottish Land Commission’s first Land Rights and Responsibilities protocol ‘Community Engagement in Decisions Relating to Land’ which sets out practical advice on how landowners and the community can work together to make better – and fairer – decisions about land use, Buccleuch is now in discussions with two local communities to consider the opportunities available.

“This is a great example of how landowners can work effectively with local communities to make the most of the land for those living there.  The Scottish Land Commission is working to increase the accountability of land ownership through greater engagement in land use decision making and to also diversify the pattern of land ownership.  It is good to see the possibility of negotiated transfer open up and we encourage both the Estate and the communities to make the most of this opportunity.”