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Scottish student to land £1,000 in national research award

National award returns to fund student research on nation’s land

Students across Scotland are being encouraged to enter a national award designed to support research that could change the way we own and use land in Scotland.

Entries are now open for the Scottish Land Commission’s National Student Award 2023, which will grant one lucky Scottish-based student £1,000 towards land-based research. Previous winners have used the grant to fund a research trip to compare community forestry practices in France and Scotland, and to explore the role of arts-based community organisations in supporting urban community ownership and development.   

The annual award was set up in 2019 to inspire the next generation of vital researchers, to help inform and improve the research behind major decisions on how Scotland’s land is being owned and used.

Hamish Trench, Chief Executive of the Scottish Land Commission, said: “The way we use Scotland’s land is changing – and quickly. To make sure the changes we’re seeing are for the better, it is important that we have the right evidence, and importantly, the right research in place.”

The £1,000 grant will go towards any relevant land reform-related research projects carried out by a Scotland-based student, covering topics such as land reform, vacant and derelict land, and rural housing developments, to name a few.

Hamish added: “How we own and use our land has a direct impact on some of the biggest issues facing Scotland today, including housing, how we support our local communities to grow, as well as helping to achieve our net zero targets – we simply cannot afford to get our approach wrong.”

“Students can play a huge role in shaping the research we need. We hope this award will help deliver the fresh thinking and approaches we need to ensure we get the very best from Scotland’s land.”  

The Scottish Land Commission provides advice and recommendations for reforms to law and policy as well as leadership for change in culture and practice, working to create a Scotland where everybody can benefit from the ownership and use of the nation’s land and buildings.

To apply for the award, students are required to explain how they propose to undertake a project, how it will connect with one of the workstreams of the Scottish Land Commission, and how it will benefit them and enhance their student experience.

Applications for the award will close on Friday 9 June 2023. The winner will be announced by 30 June 2023.

To apply for the Scottish Land Commission’s National Student Award 2023, please download the application form below in Word or PDF.

National Student Award 2023 application form - select either Word or PDF

Students at Edinburgh University enjoying the sunshine in George Square.
Scottish Land Commission National Student Award logo. #LandReform