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Good Stewardship of Land

The seventh Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocol promotes good stewardship and high standards of land management across Scotland. Decisions that are made with a focus on good stewardship take into consideration for the long-term needs of local communities, and for public benefit in support of wider national outcomes.

The Good Stewardship Protocol acknowledges that many people with an interest in land already make significant contributions to Scotland’s economy, and there are many existing examples of good practice in this area of decision-making. It also confirms that owners, managers and users of land have an important role to play in shaping and guiding change in a way that delivers mutual benefits and secures our land for future generations.

To use alongside the protocol, we have created a document that provides supporting information including links to advice, support, and guidance on a range of areas related to good stewardship which can help you to take and implement decisions about land use and management.

Good Stewardship of Land Webinar - 3 September 2020