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Responsible Natural Capital and Carbon Management

The ninth in our suite of Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocols, the Responsible Natural Capital and Carbon Management Protocol sets out practical expectations for new and existing landowners, managers and investors to ensure that their approach to natural capital and carbon management recognises their responsibilities, as well as their rights, in relation to land and contributes to a just transition.

The protocol builds on existing work to ensure that Scotland’s net zero targets are met while benefitting communities, landowners and businesses fairly, and helps put into practice the Scottish Government’s Interim Principles for Responsible Investment in Natural Capital to deliver a values-led, high-integrity market for responsible investment in natural capital. 

The protocol also highlights how existing natural capital owned by landowners should be protected and enhanced alongside the development of any other carbon activities and that investment in carbon management to offset emissions should always be made in addition to action to reduce emissions at source as close to zero as possible.

Find out more about our work on natural capital.


Mixed use landscape of trees and moorland in Sutherland