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Baltic Street Adventure Playground

Studies have shown that play is really important for healthy brain development. Transforming unused spaces into outdoor classrooms can be a great way of helping children to learn, particularly if they don’t have a garden at home. It is not just the factual element of outdoor education that is important, but also the social and interpersonal skills developed that enhance wellbeing. Recognising the demand for a safe outdoor space to play for children in one of Scotland’s most deprived areas, an arts and architecture-led project set out to create the Baltic Street Adventure Playground in Glasgow.

Collaborating with the community, not least the children, they formed a Community Interest Company, took over a plot of derelict land, and created a facility that has become a cornerstone of community life. 

Crucially, the supervised playground allows children to freely learn and develop at their own pace and in their own way without adult intervention or direction, building confidence, resilience, and strong personal relationships – all in a safe space. 

Ultimately the aim is to help break a cycle of chronic deprivation by investing in and trusting children, making space for them to grow, learn and thrive, and giving them respect and freedom they can act upon. 250 children now have access to a safe outdoor space. 

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Visit the Baltic Street Adventure Playground website

Children playing at the Baltic Street Adventure Playground