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Scale and Concentration of Land Ownership

Scotland has an unusually concentrated pattern of land ownership in an international context. As part of the Commission’s work to support Scottish Ministers’ ambitions for a fairer and more dynamic framework for the ownership and use of Scotland’s land we have investigated the issues associated with scale and concentration of land ownership.  

We have carried out the most substantial investigation conducted into the impacts of this issue based on robust evidence about rural land ownership that shows how the concentration of social, economic and decision-making power significantly impacts communities across rural Scotland.  We have made initial recommendations to Scottish Government to address the adverse effects identified, and to stimulate a more productive, diverse and dynamic pattern of rural land ownership.

This discussion paper looks at how three new legislative measures can work in practice to help modernise land ownership in Scotland. The proposals are designed to support a dynamic and productive economy, by addressing the adverse effects of Scotland’s unusually concentrated land ownership. The three measures are based on ideas that are normal in other countries and economic sectors to help markets operate efficiently and safeguard the public interest. A short summary is also available.

Addressing the adverse effects of Scotland’s concentration of land ownership
Investigation into the issues associated with scale and concentration land ownership in Scotland