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Following the success of the tenant farming pilot mediation service, the Land Commission aims to make further progression towards mainstreaming the use of mediation in the sector. Although we have made considerable progress in the last two years, the culture of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is not yet firmly established and there are no established mechanisms in place to promote and provide easy access to mediation services. 

We believe that the support of the Tenant Farming Commissioner is still valuable in providing reassurance about the mediation process to potential participants and in providing the oversight that engenders participants to engage productively. We would like to continue to provide this support and leadership, and are inviting suitably qualified and experienced mediators to work with us.

We are therefore inviting mediators to apply to sit on a panel to support the work of the Land Commission and specifically the Tenant Farming Commissioner.  Full details can be found in the document below, with the deadline for applications being 30 November 2020.

Statement of Requirements for Mediation Panel 2021

Mock Mediation in the Tenant Farming Sector - Webinar

The in-person mock mediation training event that was scheduled for late March had to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, we have rescheduled this as an online event running over two days, Mon 7 December and Tues 8 December. The webinar will run from 10:00 am-12:30 pm each day. 

Designed for anyone interested in finding out how mediation works, what a mediation looks like, and how it can benefit them, the online event will take the form of a short video, which should be watched ahead of time, followed by a two-day webinar with a live discussion of the mock mediation and Q&A sessions with the participants. Those who had already signed up for the original date will be contacted with the details. 

The mock mediation participants are not actors, but are all experts in their field. Christopher Nicolson (STFA Chairman) will be playing the role of tenant, supported by Hamish Lean and Tom Oates, and David Johnston (former SLE Chairman) will be acting as the landlord, supported by Heather Bruce and Mark Fogden. Pamela Lyall, mediator, and Lindsay Burley, mediator, Eskhill and Co, have been instructed as mediators and will work with the landlord and tenant to try to resolve a waygoing from an agricultural holding. Robin Burley, Eskhill and Co, will host the mock mediation and enable delegates to ask questions as the process unfolds.

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