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Practical on-farm amnesty days call for tenant farmers to act now

Report examines merits of land value tax in Scotland

Land value capture to have a proactive role in place making

Not So Pretty Vacant: Taskforce starts task of reducing vacant and derelict land

Community ownership should become routine option for communities across Scotland, says new report

Housing on tenanted farms to meet the Repairing Standard

Buccleuch Estates

Scottish Land Commission’s response to SLE’s concerns about SLDTs

Not so pretty vacant. Scottish Land Commission and SEPA target new uses for derelict and vacant land

Tenant Farming Commissioner publishes updated guidance on rent reviews

Less than two years left under amnesty for agricultural tenants

New legal power proposed in Scotland to tackle blight of vacant and derelict land

Tenant Farming Commissioner publishes Buccleuch Report

Finding ways for old hands to bring new blood into farming

Concentration of land ownership in Scotland – call for evidence deadline

Report points way to using land value increases to deliver new housing and development

Public Interest Led Development seminar

Scottish Land Commission publishes James Hutton Institute new entrants report

Review makes recommendations to improve relationships between land agents, tenants and landlords

Discussion paper looks at how land reform in Scotland can further realise human rights

Discussion paper looks at increasing availability of agricultural land for new entrants

New Codes of Practice to support community engagement by landowners

Tenant Farming Commissioner issues new Code and Guidance at Advisory Forum meeting

Public Interest Led Development

Land reform body marks first anniversary

Scale and Concentration of land ownership in Scotland

Tenant Farming Commissioner to consult with stakeholders on the review of the conduct of agents of landlords and tenants

State must lead on major, public interest development argues new paper

Scottish Land Commission encourages land owners to take an open approach

Scottish Land Commission to review community right to buy mechanisms

Scottish Land Commission invites Skye residents to public meeting

Tenant Farming Commissioner issues Guide to Essential Features of the Modern Limited Duration Tenancy

Tenant Farming Commissioner to further consult on the review of the conduct of agents of landlords and tenants

New Staff join the Scottish Land Commission

Tenant Farming Commissioner issues Maintenance of Agricultural Holdings Code of Practice