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Derelict sites to be transformed with £50m Scottish Government fund

Scottish Government announce £50 million to help bring disused land back into use

Tenant Farming Commissioner to set up Panel of Valuers

The Tenant Farming Commissioner welcomes the news that legislation for Relinquishment and Assignation provisions from the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 have now been laid before Parliament and will come into force by 28 February 2021.

Changes to the land and property tax system could support Scotland’s recovery and renewal

Taxes on land and property could serve as a powerful tool for helping Scotland develop a robust, resilient wellbeing economy, according to a new report published today.

Scottish Land Commission invites Highlands residents to virtual public meeting

The Scottish Land Commission is continuing its calendar of public meetings online, with the next focused on the Highlands.

New Protocol on local authority management of Common Good Land

Clear expectations on the management of Common Good land by local authorities will help make the most of this unique form of ownership for communities, says the latest protocol from the Scottish Land Commission.

New Code aims to ensure tenant farming rent reviews are fair, objective and evidence-based

Tenant farmers and their landlords can now get advice on how best to conduct rent reviews in a new Code published today by the Tenant Farming Commissioner for Scotland.

Final Call for Amnesty Agreements

The Tenant Farming Commissioner is encouraging tenant farmers and landlords to sign an amnesty agreement ahead of the 12 December deadline, even if some disputed improvements may have to be part of a separate amnesty notice.

Regional Land Use Partnerships to help drive urgent climate action

The way that land is owned and used is central to tackling climate change and the post Covid-19 economic recovery, and the decisions and action needed should be driven at the regional scale. That is the message in our advice to Scottish Government on the establishment of new Regional Land Use Partnerships.

Reappointment of Land Commissioners

Chair welcomes reappointment of Land Commissioners David Adams and Megan MacInnes

Deadline Looms for Tenant’s Amnesty

The clock will soon run out for those who wish to make use of the amnesty on tenant’s improvements, which closes on 12 December 2020.

Re-use derelict land to support economic growth and wellbeing, says Taskforce

Derelict land is a wasted resource that should help to deliver national ambitions for a fair and green recovery, a national taskforce said today.

Bold reform is needed to realise Scotland’s potential

Bold action is needed to transform Scotland’s economy to achieve a ‘fair and green recovery’ following Covid-19 and the ways we own and use land are central to this, according to our new, three-year strategic plan published today.

New Protocol on Good Stewardship of Land is published

Decisions made about land that take the long view, considering the impact on people’s lives, the environment and local community, will result in greater public benefit.

New protocols launched on land ownership in Scotland

Two new protocols published today by the Scottish Land Commission will help to give communities a greater stake in how land is owned and used in Scotland to help create inclusive and resilient local economies.

Regional Land Use Partnerships - Public Feedback

Regional Land Use Partnerships - Interim Report

Regional Land Use Partnerships interim report published

New approach needed to deliver houses for rural Scotland

Scotland needs to look at new models of bringing land forward to deliver the much-needed rural housing, according to a new report published today.

The value of land is more than pounds and pence

A new framework assesses the wider social, environmental and community benefits of bringing land back into use.

Imaginative approaches needed for community buy out of Buccleuch's Langholm Moor

Normalising community ownership across Scotland will need imaginative approaches to raising capital and to governance models.

New protocols launched for trusts and charities that own land

Two new protocols that set out practical expectations for private trusts and charities owning land in Scotland, are published today by the Scottish Land Commission.

Land for housing and development: time for change

Scotland’s reliance on the speculative private development model will not help to achieve the level of new homes needed or help build more affordable homes and the whole system requires fundamental reform.

Call for comment on Commission’s first Gaelic Language Plan

The Scottish Land Commission has launched consultation on its Gaelic Language Plan.

Tenant Farming Commissioner offers advice on rent reviews

The Tenant Farming Commissioner is advising landlords and tenant farmers to think carefully about the timing of rent reviews, given the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown constraints and uncertainty over future economic conditions in the sector.

Extension to Tenant’s Amnesty

Following extension of the amnesty of improvements, the Tenant Farming Commissioner is urging landlords, tenants and their agents to not delay completion of discussions

Land Commission appoints Head of Land Rights and Responsibilities to drive change on the ground

The Scottish Land Commission strengthens its management team this month with the appointment of Emma Cooper as Head of Land Rights and Responsibilities.

Annual Review 2019-20

The Annual Review for 2019-20 has now been published - take a look at our achievements in the past year.

Tenant Farming Commissioner welcomes recommendations

Scotland’s Tenant Farming Commissioner, Bob McIntosh, has today welcomed recommendations made in the Scottish Government’s review into the functions of the role.

International approach to land ownership holds lessons for Scotland

Scotland should look to international examples of land ownership, use, and management to provide new ideas and thinking in taking forward its land reform programme.

News: Clarity about land ownership benefits everyone

Owners and managers are being encouraged to provide simple details that will greatly improve people’s understanding of who owns land in Scotland and what it is used for, under the Scottish Land Commission’s latest protocol.

TFC Coronavirus (COVID-19) On-Site Meetings

The Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC), in association with industry bodies NFUS and SLE, today issued advice about the implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation for on-farm meetings.

COVID-19 Business Update

New advice on diversification for tenant farmers in Scotland

Scottish tenant farmers who are planning to diversify into areas such as tourism or renewable energy can now get advice on their rights from a new guide.

Call for new voices to have their say on land reform

The Scottish Land Commission is seeking input from new voices and those of the tech savvy, environmentally aware and entrepreneurially minded Generation Z to help shape its strategy for the way land is owned and used in Scotland.

Forestry student wins national land reform award

The Scottish Land Commission has awarded an Inverness-based student a £1,000 grant to compare Scotland’s approach to community-owned woodlands with municipally owned examples found in other European countries.

All parties need to act quickly for Amnesty on Tenant’s Improvements

Tenant farmers, landlords and land agents must act now to make the most of the waygo amnesty.

Farm business incubators could help bring new entrants into agriculture in Scotland

Farm business incubators could help bring new entrants into agriculture in Scotland, according to a new report, published today.

Project manager joins Land Commission to drive forward Regional Land Use Partnerships

A highly experienced land manager joins the Commission this month to work on proposals for Regional Land Use Partnerships across Scotland.

Community Engagement Baseline Survey Report 2019 Results Announced

Knowledge about land ownership and plans for land use differ between rural and urban communities, the Scottish Land Commission has discovered through a survey.