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Community Benefits Advisory Group

The Community Benefit Advisory Group brings together key organisations involved in the consideration of community benefits from land, particularly in the context of nature finance. 

The purpose of this group is to 

  • Support the development of socially just and responsible policy on nature finance and community wealth building, promoting and embedding expectations for social and economic returns for communities. 

  • Normalise the expectation that land delivers community benefits, with a particular focus on those utilising nature finance in support of a just transition. 

  • Encourage landowners, land managers and investors to consider how they can maximise the social and economic benefits they deliver through land.  

  • Share knowledge, experience and learning to build a collective understanding of community benefits and progress this across sectors.  

  • Support Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation’s commitment to a develop a values-led, high-integrity market for responsible investment in natural capital. 

We are grateful to the Community Benefits Advisory Group for their role in developing our Good Practice Guidance on Delivering Community Benefits from Land

Members of the group are: